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Our business

The Crown Estate is a commercial property business. We act at all times with integrity and are committed to careful stewardship of the assets we have been trusted to manage.

16 New Burlington Place, London

A commercial approach

We are above all a commercial organisation, tasked by Parliament with enhancing the value of the £8.1 billion property portfolio we manage and generating a profit for the benefit of the nation.

We work to a clear investment strategy, concluding hundreds of millions of property transactions every year, also delivering some of the most ambitious redevelopment schemes in the heart of London. We manage one of nation's largest rural estates, and are also investing over £100 million alongside some of the world's largest energy companies, to help drive the UK's emerging offshore renewable energy industry.

But The Crown Estate is more than just a property company and our total contribution, the value we add to UK plc, goes well beyond just the 'bottom line'. We have calculated that each of our Crown Estate employees directly contribute around £709,000 to the UK economy; we support approximately 94,000 jobs across our wide-ranging activities (equivalent to the population of Hartlepool) and around 23,000 students and other visitors are involved in educational events supported by us - that's a very significant contribution in addition to our financial returns to the Treasury.

Across the country our commercial approach delivers results not just for the nation but also for the communities in which we operate.

A diverse business

The Crown Estate is one of the nation's most diverse property businesses encompassing urban, rural and marine assets.

This diversity is an advantage in business. We are better able to withstand economic ups and downs because our commercial activities range across different sectors of the property market.

By having different businesses under one roof we're stronger commercially and more profitable. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, creating added value and stronger performance.

A long-term outlook

We are in business for the long term. Yes we act commercially, but are required to do so in a way which is "subject to the requirements of good management". This means that as a commercial investor and developer in London, or off the UK coast, we act at all times with integrity and as careful stewards of the assets we have been trusted to manage.

Whilst we remain focused at all times on our financial performance, we are able to take a long-term approach because we are not subject to pressure from shareholders - our status allows us to resist the dangers of short-termism.

This is why we continue our strategy of placemaking, with the Regent Street, St James's and Haymarket public realm works all progressing; it is why we announced in January 2013 our interest in investing up to £20 million in two wave and / or tidal arrays; and it is why we invest alongside our farm tenants across the country to help expand their businesses, and ours.