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Offshore renewables
Offshore wind farm


Managing a diverse property portfolio across Scotland, we work in partnership with politicians, businesses and communities, for mutual benefit.

In Scotland we manage four rural estates, mineral and salmon fishing rights, about half of the coastal foreshore and almost all of the seabed. We have a significant role in supporting aquaculture, marine leisure, ports & harbours and offshore renewable energy.

Our role is to make sure that the land and property we invest in and manage are sustainably worked, developed and enjoyed to deliver the best value over the long term.  All our annual revenue profit is paid to the UK Government.

Engagement is central to how we do business. Our team collaborates with industry, government and community organisations at the local, regional and national level, bringing experience in asset management and sustainable business from around the UK.  We also invest in a range of education projects for young people of all ages.

Our portfolio also includes our urban estate, comprising 39-41 George Street, Edinburgh. Our other investment in Scotland is in commercial property is through a 50 per cent interest in an English Limited Partnership which owns Fort Kinnaird Retail Park in Edinburgh.

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