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Though our diverse roles are filled by skilled professionals with individual stories, we work with a common sense of purpose. On this page you'll find stories from people who work across our Central London and Regional portfolios, giving accounts of life in our business.

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Faheem Qureshi

Faheem has been The Crown Estate’s Workplace Co‑ordinator since 2009, a role he carried initially out on secondment from the Cross River Partnership, before transferring to The Crown Estate in 2013.

Faheem’s role involves helping unemployed people to find jobs with retailers and other businesses that operate in the Regent Street area, and he works closely with businesses and potential candidates.

“It is amazingly rewarding to be walking down the street and then suddenly get a big hug from someone who you have helped to get a job. It can be a bit overwhelming! And the thing is that it isn’t just the individual who benefits, it’s their family and their community too. Getting a job is a wonderful thing – and they are great jobs too with some amazing brands like Burberry and Café Royal on Regent Street.

“It’s a huge privilege to do this. And if I come up with an idea to extend or improve our service, so long as it stands up to scrutiny, I know The Crown Estate will get right behind it. Our CEO Alison is an absolute inspiration, if I need her help with something, if she can, I know she will.

“My role is something that The Crown Estate is totally committed to, so much so that we are developing relationships with other landlords who are doing similar work to share ideas.

“It’s remarkable that this is an informal arrangement, there are no contracts, we just take the lead and try to influence things by saying to businesses ‘here’s what you can do to help the local community’. So far we’ve helped about 800 local people into jobs.”

Regent Street

Regent Street’s transformation into a world-leading shopping and leisure destination has been achieved through our £1 billion investment programme which began in 2002.

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St James's

We own much of St James’s in central London, where we are currently delivering a £500 million redevelopment programme.

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St James's Gateway


Our Regional property portfolio is valued at £2.3 billion, with investments principally in the retail sector, an area where we are specialist property managers.

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