Corporate functions

A values-driven business responsible for such amazing assets as ours requires a skilled and dedicated team to support it. On this page you'll find stories from people who work in our Corporate functions, giving their accounts of life in our business.

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Jane Dagnall

Jane is a solicitor with responsibility for the provision of legal services for our rural and coastal portfolio and the Windsor estate.

Previously a commercial real estate lawyer in private practice, Jane provides wide-ranging strategic advice to colleagues across her portfolios and also manages the selection and delivery of outsourced legal services, measuring performance against strict criteria.

“The sheer breadth and variety of The Crown Estate’s incredible assets provide a really exciting mix of challenges for a lawyer and great opportunities too.

“It has been a privilege to be involved with such diverse portfolios and to advise in relation to projects with the potential to make a valuable contribution to the UK economy.

“Private legal practices can be highly competitive environments, with lawyers competing for work and for career progression. At The Crown Estate we have a real sense that we’re part of one team, which encourages collaboration and mutual support.

“There is space and freedom – and trust – to get on and do the job, but within a culture where there are very experienced people readily available for debate and discussion. There is a genuine sense of everyone pulling together, with pride in personal and team performance. In my experience this combination is extremely unusual – and most welcome!”

Anne Thomas

Anne is a Chartered Accountant and The Crown Estate’s Financial Controller. Anne has spent much of her career in the property industry having previously worked as head of fund accounting for a FTSE 100 property company.

“I joined The Crown Estate because it is so much more than a property company. It has a truly unique set of assets from the wonderful Regent Street to our offshore and rural interests – it’s this sheer variety that makes my work so interesting and varied.

“And the finance team has an integral role to play in so many of our activities. Rather than simply being a supporting service, we are embedded within the business, working next door to our teams. This is quite unusual in this industry and makes for closer working relationships, giving us an opportunity to further develop our understanding of the opportunities and challenges that the organisation deals with on a day-to-day basis. It’s so good working with such a committed team of people from varied professional backgrounds.

“We have the freedom to innovate at The Crown Estate and this is illustrated by our move to integrated reporting. We were actually the first to produce an integrated financial report, really setting a new standard for corporate reporting and it was pleasing when this was recognised with two Building Public Trust reporting awards. I found this particularly rewarding as I had been working at the heart of the project.

“Another very interesting area for the finance team is our involvement in joint ventures. As we are governed by Act of Parliament which sets out how we are able to invest we have to innovate when it comes to the financing and structuring of deals, and having an involvement from the outset enables us to really add value for our colleagues.”