While successfully managing the Windsor estate requires a team with a huge range of skills, we all have a common sense of purpose. On this page you'll find stories from people who work on our Windsor estate, giving their accounts of life in our business.

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Alex Barry

Alex is 18 years old and works as a horticulturalist in The Savill Garden at Windsor Great Park.

“I love the outdoors and I’ve been gardening all my life really, mainly with my Dad. He was Head Gardener on an estate near Guildford. I was doing a horticulture course at college and an opportunity to do work experience at Windsor came up. I loved it, so I was hoping that one day I might have a chance of working here full time.

“When I saw the job advert for here I applied straight away. I can’t tell you how amazing it felt when they offered me the job. Even better, I’m able to continue my course at college one day a week to build up my skills and knowledge. Everyone here is so friendly and happy to share their knowledge with me, because everybody loves the gardens and wants them to look their best.

“There’s lots of variety in the work I do, sometimes I work on my own and sometimes in a team and the tasks vary a lot depending on the season. During the winter we do bigger projects like tree work and mulching, laying or repairing pathways and in the spring and summer we are busy doing lots of daily maintenance.

“I can’t imagine working indoors so this is the perfect place for me – and even better I only live a few minutes away so I’m very lucky. My Dad is really pleased and proud of me.”

Nick Day

Nick is Head of Commercial Operations at the Windsor estate, responsible for developing commercial opportunities across the 15,800 acre estate. He also manages the marketing and visitor services teams that attract and welcome visitors to the estate, bringing with him years of experience in managing some of the country’s finest historic houses.

“I feel very lucky to work on the Windsor estate, it’s more than a job, it’s a way of life.

“We have second and third generation families working here which reflects deep affection for Windsor and the commitment to the preservation of the estate. We have oak trees here that are 1,300 years old and we are planting new trees so they can be enjoyed by others in another 1,300 years!

“We generate income from this important national asset, but in a style that is completely in keeping with its history and its character. It would be easy to spoil the very thing we set out to preserve, so we keep a very tight control over the way our commercial activities, such as our mobile coffee points or catering operations, ensuring that they are well organised and presented.

“And even though Windsor is different to many of our other activities, such as our marine operations, when I meet up with my colleagues we have a sense of common purpose which enables us to discuss and share our challenges and ideas in a productive and helpful environment.”