Marine stewardship fund

Stewardship represents our commitment to good environmental practice, sustainability, and taking the long-term view in managing the estate.

Established in 1999, the marine stewardship programme supports scientific research projects that underpin our knowledge of the activities we manage, and community initiatives aimed at improving and enhancing our marine and coastal assets.

In the last financial year we distributed around £450,000 to a variety of coastal community projects around the UK. We define 'community' as an area which can be identified geographically, or a community of individuals with common interests.

To be eligible for funding all projects must comply with the Crown Estate Act 1961.

There are five key priority areas for our funding: 

  • Access
  • Awareness
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment
  • Management.

For more information please visit Key priority areas under Working with us.

Marine Stewardship Programme annual review

The 2013 Marine Stewardship Programmme annual review is available to download here:

Marine Stewardship Programme annual review