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Our Energy, Minerals & Infrastructure portfolio is becoming increasingly busy, both in terms of intensity, and the diversity of users and stakeholders.

The development of new industries such as offshore wind energy brings a number of operational issues, some of which have the potential to impact on existing assets. We are working with industry and government on the challenges associated with the management of our assets. Please find on these pages the outcomes of investigation, studies and similar material.

Guideline for leasing of export cable routes

The guidance given here will assist developers making applications to The Crown Estate for a cable route from an offshore renewable installation.

Our requirements of The Crown Estate from developers seeking property rights for the routing of export cables to an offshore generating station are described and referred to as the 'cable route project approval information'. The immediate focus is on offshore wind but the principles will be relevant for other forms of offshore generation, such as wave and tidal.  

The guideline:

  • defines the various terms involved in the identification of a cable route
  • encourages early dialogue between the developer and The Crown Estate
  • explains how the cable route is documented in an Agreement for Lease (AfL), the levels of protection and rights given from the AfL
  • explains how the route is developed and developer moves from AfL to lease.

The guideline does not:

  • provide guidance on best practice for cable spacing and route design.

Guideline for leasing of export cable routes (PDF, 2.92 MB)

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