The Crown Estate's policy on granting of rights

We own and manage the UK seabed out to the 12 nautical mile territorial sea limit and hold the rights for carbon dioxide (CO2) storage within the Gas Importation and Storage Zone (GISZ), which extends out to the continental shelf. 

The Crown Estate's policy had been, on an ad hoc basis, to consider the grant of Agreements for Lease (AfLs) in respect of a particular area of the continental shelf to any applicant who has applied for (but has not necessarily yet won) funding from UK and EU competitions (whether or not currently in existence) conducted by public authorities for the purposes of providing financial assistance to carbon capture and storage projects, including part chain projects such as storage site exploration, appraisal and development.  

However, given there is no UK funding programme to develop CCS at present we do not expect to receive storage lease applications. The Crown Estate is undertaking work to assess ways that competitive access to offshore storage sites/rights can be provided to deliver optimal outcomes for the CCS sector and deployment of infrastructure. Our policy will be reviewed at regular intervals in conjunction with seeking industry views as the sector develops.


A pipeline lease will be required from The Crown Estate for any CO2 transport pipeline that is installed. We intend to grant pipeline rights on the basis of our standard terms and conditions. We are unlikely to grant exclusive pipeline rights for a CO2 pipeline project that is unconnected to credible capture and storage projects.