Here are some of our recent publications on ocean energy.

Ocean energy leasing

Documents related to the leasing of new wave and tidal current sites are available to download here:

Current leasing opportunities

UK wave and tidal demo zones and test sites workshop

Following an industry and stakeholder event held in Cardiff in July 2015 a report is available, outlining the approach, outputs and recommendations which emerged from the event.

UK Wave and Tidal Demonstration Zones Workshop Report (PDF, 3.53 MB)

UK wave and tidal energy resources

In 2012 we published findings of a study of the UK's wave and tidal energy resources, which we undertook to help develop a common view across the industry and government about the future potential for projects. The following reports are available:

UK wave and tidal key resource areas project – summary report (PDF, 0.59 MB)

UK wave and tidal key resource areas project – technical methodology report (PDF, 2.08 MB)