Extension Projects 2017

Project extensions have proven to be a successful way of deploying more offshore wind capacity in an efficient manner. Previous examples of project extensions at Kentish Flats, Greater Gabbard, Walney and Burbo Bank, have demonstrated this, all the product of a leasing round in 2010.

Update as of 8 February 2018

Following the announcement regarding potential new offshore wind leasing, The Crown Estate has announced that it will no longer be accepting applications for offshore wind farm extensions after 31 May 2018. This is to help pave the way for a single and comprehensive route for awarding new seabed rights and avoid potentially having two processes running concurrently. 

Information regarding new offshore wind leasing can be found here.

The formal notice for closing the extensions opportunity can be found here

Offshore wind extension projects 

With limited potential for offshore wind extension projects, and given the specific nature of extensions being in close proximity to the original operating wind farm, a leasing round is not warranted. The Crown Estate has elected to provide an opening for requests for seabed rights for extension projects via an application process.

As we do not know the number of applications which will be submitted or the locations of any possible sites, we do not consider that at this stage the opportunity constitutes a ”plan” under the Habitats Regulations. We have therefore not undertaken a plan-level Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). We will keep the position under review as applications are received and will continue to work closely with the Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies.

The Crown Estate will consider applications for wind farm extensions against the following criteria:

 i.The wind farm to be extended must be constructed and fully operational at the date of the formal application

ii.The capacity in megawatts of the extension must not exceed that of the existing wind farm

iii.The site of the extension must share a boundary with the site of the existing wind farm

iv.The application must be from:

a. the tenant of the wind farm which is proposed to be extended; 

b. a holding company or parent of the tenant of the wind farm which is proposed to be extended; or

c. a subsidiary of a holding company or parent of the tenant of the wind farm which is proposed to be extended; or

d. an entity at least 50% owned by one of the above

v. If the applicant is not tenant of the existing wind farm, the applicant must supply as part of the application process a written agreement from the tenant of the existing wind farm expressly stating that it does not object to the proposal.

vi. Other than the site of the existing wind farm, the site of the extension must not encroach within a radius of 5km of the site of any other wind farm unless the tenant of any such wind farm confirms its agreement in writing to The Crown Estate.

Any application meeting such criteria will then be assessed against project evaluation criteria which are available upon request.

Making applications

The application pack is available on request from:


If you have any general enquiries about the process prior to requesting the application pack then please contact us at the same email address.