Leasing rounds

Since 2000, we have run six offshore wind leasing rounds which have increased in scale and technical complexity as the industry has developed.

We have been at the forefront of the development and expansion of offshore wind energy in the UK for well over a decade and the UK is one of the world's leaders in installed generation capacity.

Round 1 started in December 2000, and was the beginning of our leasing of areas of the seabed for commercial development of offshore wind farms in UK waters. Typically the projects had no more than 30 turbines, in areas selected by developers which were small in scale, typically 0.1 GW and close to the shore. There are now 13 Round 1 projects fully operational with a generating capacity of 1.2 GW.

Round 2 started in July 2003 for projects in proximity to the Greater Wash, the Thames Estuary and Liverpool Bay, including some outside the 12 nautical mile territorial waters limit. These wind farms are larger in scale and generally further from the shore than Round 1 projects. There are 16 Round 2 projects with a total generating capacity of almost 6 GW. Eight projects are currently fully operational with a capacity of 2.4 GW and four are under construction with a design capacity of some 1.4 GW, two of which should complete by the end of 2014.

Round 1 and 2 extensions

In 2010 we announced the award of development rights to four Round 1 and Round 2 sites to extend their geographical areas. These have a total output capacity of some 1.4 GW and should start to become fully operational from 2016 onwards. In total there are some 33 Round 1, Round 2 and extensions projects with a total projected output of 8.5 GW. 21 projects are fully operational with a capacity of 3.6 GW - enough to provide power to over 2.8 million homes.