Seabed and coastal research

We invest in research projects to provide a greater understanding of seabed and coastal processes.

The aim of our research studies is to provide a greater understanding of seabed and coastal processes, particularly over the long term. The information in the published reports is designed to inform the application process for economic development which may have effects on the seabed or the coast.

The studies incorporate a wide range of topics, from identifying what natural changes are currently occurring, such as coastal erosion on vulnerable coastlines, to historic changes in the location, size and shape of offshore sandbanks. We use historic charts and maps to investigate as far back in the past as possible. The effects of long term climate change are naturally incorporated in such studies and remind us that such climatic variation is not a new phenomenon, but one which has been ongoing for thousands of years following the last Ice Age.

We have adopted a markedly different approach to understanding coastal change. A series of reports have used works of art in assisting the understanding of long term changes. These have been particularly useful in communicating the magnitude and timescales of such changes to coastal communities, who feel potentially at risk from rising sea levels.