Socio-economic research

We invest in research projects to help develop an understanding of the socio-economics associated with the marine holdings we manage.

Activities on our marine holdings account for a significant proportion of the contribution made by marine industries to the UK economy. We have a recognised track record in compiling and publishing statistics relating to jobs and value added to the UK economy by the wide range of economic activities which utilise the marine environment and the coastline around the UK. The published statistics show that marine activities contribute in the region of four per cent of GDP and support almost one million jobs.

In addition to publishing basic economic statistics, we have been at the forefront of establishing what is known as the total economic value of UK waters. Such analyses include both the direct economic contributions and the less tangible values arising from what are known as ecosystem goods and services, in other words, the benefits arising from the existence of the marine environment.

The publications listed on the Reports page include a new framework for establishing such values, an initial static baseline assessment and a dynamic forecast of how such values may change over the next 100 years in the face of changing societal choices regarding quality of life and the use of the marine environment