UK IT industry awards business project medal to The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate's Marine Resource System, MaRS, was appointed a medallist in the business project of the year award at the BCS and Computing UK IT Industry Awards 2010.

18 November 2010

We received this honour for our vision, leadership and innovative use of ESRI's geographic information system (GIS) technology in mapping the potential of UK waters for marine renewable energy using our MaRS spatial planning tool. The award recognises the value MaRS can bring through improved planning in the marine environment. Robust, evidence based spatial planning reduces the potential for conflict between competing activities and creates a more certain climate for investment.

Rob Hastings, director of the marine estate at The Crown Estate said: "The Crown Estate has invested in the development of a cutting edge spatial planning tool, MaRS, to help us manage our estate sustainably. We now have a more comprehensive understanding of the UK marine environment, the economic value of our marine estate and the often competing interests of marine users. In planning for the long term sustainable use of the marine environment we hope to demonstrate our good stewardship of this national asset whilst maximising is economic return to the UK."

The BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards provide a platform for the entire profession to celebrate best practice, innovation and excellence. In total, the awards feature 24 categories which cover: project, organisation, technology and individual excellence. The categories are open to organisations and individuals involved in IT across the public, not for profit and commercial sectors.

MaRS is built on an ESRI software platform and currently stores, manages and processes over 500 layers of UK marine data. We use the tool to plan our marine activities through the identification of development opportunity and constraints taking account of marine policies and an evaluation of the environmental and financial sustainability of proposed activities. MaRS is a place where a constructive dialogue with our stakeholders can be facilitated.