Award winner in 2015 Civic Trust Awards, Virginia Water Pavilion, Windsor Great Park

The Crown Estate’s Virginia Water Pavilion, Windsor Great Park, received a Civic Trust Award which celebrates outstanding architecture and the built environment projects. 

13 March 2015

Nick Day, Head of Commercial Operations, said: “We are delighted to receive this award for the Pavilion which has provided much needed facilities to visitors to Virginia Water Lake, The Valley Gardens and the surrounding area of Windsor Great Park. The design of the building also needed to respect the Grade 1 listed landscape in which it sits and this award recognises that achievement.”

Commenting on the Virginia Water Pavilion, the Civic Trust said: “The building design was selected as competition winner for its simplicity, elegance and clean lines. Constructed predominantly of Windsor Estate timber and embodying many sustainable features, the building reflects the Crown Estate’s core values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship. The extensive use of English oak, both inside and outside of the spectacular building was a requirement of the design competition brief, reflecting the importance of oak within the Great Park as veteran trees, woodland and parkland trees.”

The external cladding of the building made extensive use of timber to provide a further means to reduce its impact and enable it to sit comfortably within a woodland glade. The timber was grown and harvested on the Windsor Estate where all forestry operations are FSC certified. 195 cubic metres of Douglas Fir were used for the structure of the building, with 125 cubic metres of oak used for the cladding.

The Pavilion was designed to be as sustainable a building as possible. With energy efficient LED lighting throughout, additional features included PV solar panel cells on the roof to generate energy, a rainwater harvesting system to reduce reliance on mains water for flushing toilets and air source heat pumps to provide background heating for the building.

The 56th Annual Civic Trust Awards Ceremony was held on Friday 6th March at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, hosted by architect, writer and TV presenter George Clarke and Civic Trust Awards Managing Director Malcolm Hankey.