The Crown Estate & The Architects’ Journal reveal Future Office contest shortlist

The Crown Estate and The Architects’ Journal have unveiled the ten shortlisted practices for the Future Office contest

11 October 2016


Ten practices have been chosen to compete for the chance to take part in a day-long charrette focused on the future of one of The Crown Estate’s most prominent West End buildings.

Zaha Hadid Architects, Alma-nac, Cartwright Pickard, Chetwoods and Ben Adams Architects have been shortlisted for the AJ/Crown Estate Future Office competition.

Also on the shortlist are Drummond Lawlor, Emrys Architects, NBBJ, Threefold Architects and Scott Brownrigg.

Following submissions from almost 80 teams, the 10 have been selected to present their ideas for the office of the future in detail to a judging panel this Thursday (13 October).

A final six will be chosen to take part in a day-long charrette held on the afternoon/evening of Monday 31st of October and all day on Tuesday 1st November.

Jon Allgood, senior asset manager at The Crown Estate, took part in the shortlisting alongside AJ managing editor Will Hurst and editorial director Paul Finch.

Allgood said: “Reviewing the breadth and quality of submissions has been truly inspirational and we’d like to thank all the entrants for the time and effort they’ve taken.

The final 10 have demonstrated the most imagination and diversity of thought in designing the office of the future”

Jon Allgood, Senior Asset Manager at The Crown Estate

‘It has been tough, yet great fun, whittling down to the shortlist. While there are common themes that shine through, such as connectivity, wellness and flexibility, the final 10 have demonstrated the most imagination and diversity of thought in designing the office of the future.”

The open and free-to-enter competition asked entrants to consider how inspiring and effective workplaces will operate from 2020 onwards, based on changing ways of living and working, new technology and other factors such as traffic congestion and the impact of climate change.

Will Hurst said: “These 10 were the best of a very impressive 78 entries. It was delightful to see such wit, ingenuity, and hard graft on display, so the shortlist can feel very proud to have reached this stage.

‘This week, the judges will be asking them to justify their ideas and to consider how they would apply them to one of The Crown Estate’s existing historic buildings."

The judging panel also includes The Crown Estate’s director of central London, James Cooksey, architect and DSDHA director Deborah Saunt and Despina Katsikakis of workplace consultant Delos.

Each of the six teams taking part in the charrette will receive a £1,000 honorarium for their time.

More information about the competition can be found on the Future Office microsite