How we do it

As part of our integrated approach we no longer have a separate sustainability strategy. We are integrating sustainability throughout our business to help deliver business resilience over the long term.



Our approach is centred on the following: 

  1. Measure performance and deliver against targets developed to help us meet our 2030 aspirations.
  2. Integrate sustainability into all business areas as part of our business planning process.
  3. Empower employees and suppliers through tools that enable richer decisions that sustain and improve performance.
  4. Inspire employees to innovatem and celebrate and reward success, through a sustainability engagement programme.
  5. Identify where we can unlock sustainability challenges in our markets and help deliver long-term results in collaboration with our supply chain, managing agents, partners and other leading businesses.
  6. Identify new business opportunities through innovation and new ways of working informed by sustainability principles to deliver better results and competitive advantage.
  7. Further develop integrated reporting and a robust review process that encourages improvement and ensures we stay on track to meet our targets.