We have streamlined our governance structure to create an agile environment where employees are empowered to make sustainable decisions.

Strategic sustainability matters are reported directly to our Finance and Operations Committee (and the non-executive Board as required) and consideration of sustainability is hard-wired into the format of all papers submitted to our executive committees.

We believe sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and encourage our employees to suggest and implement ideas to make improvements in our own offices and ways of working. Our people have led energy-saving and waste-reduction projects and introduced activities that encourage physical and mental wellbeing.

The Sustainability team supports business teams in delivering richer, more sustainable solutions and in delivering our purpose - brilliant places through conscious commercialism. It works with the teams to identify tools which help empower employees and works with the business to develop frameworks which address material issues and trends that influence our business.

Our Chief Executive leads on our purpose and all of our Executive Committee members have responsibility for sustainability. We also have a dedicated Board Counsellor with a sustainability remit to ensure it is embedded into all our strategic decisions.