Time to get active & Thrive

Lucy Allen, Urban Marketing Communications Manager at The Crown Estate

15 September 2015

Thousands of people took part in our Thrive healthy living events at our regional retail destinations in 2015. From aerobics to Zumba and healthy eating to water tasting, the free events involved local sports clubs, community partners, colourful characters and more.

It’s been great to see so many people coming together to explore the fun side of getting fit and being active at our properties. We always welcome the chance to connect with our local communities and I’m delighted that we’ve been able to do this through Thrive, at the same time as inspiring a legacy of healthy living. The events have also delivered retailer benefit, enhanced the visitor experience and boosted footfall in many locations – aligning the interests of our local communities and commercial partners.

82% of visitors

said Thrive made them think about living a healthier lifestyle

We wanted everybody who came to Thrive to take something away to apply to their own lives and we are delighted that 82 per cent of Thrive visitors said that it had made them think about living a healthier lifestyle – from drinking more water and eating healthier diets, to joining local fitness groups and getting into cycling.

To encourage people to get active, motivational character Wilma Whistle introduced people to local sports groups. There were lots of demonstrations and classes for anyone who wanted to join in, including aerobics, cheerleading, dancing, football, gymnastics, hockey, martial arts, table tennis, yoga and Zumba. This proved successful, with many local sports clubs and organisations reporting a spike in interest after Thrive.

A big thank you to all those who helped to make the events such a success – and well done to the winners of our sports challenges!”

Lucy Allen, Urban Marketing Communications Manager

To promote cycling, we partnered with the national cycling charity CTC at every Thrive venue, with 222 people signing up for their regular cycling news and tips. Motivational character Dr Spin also hosted the Thrive Cycle Challenge, which saw 201 people pedalling to beat the clock and win prizes donated by our retailers, and many more cycling to keep the music going – the harder they pedalled the louder the music.

To encourage people to drink more water, Hydrangea hosted our Chill Out Water Bar, underneath the recycled Big Green Leaf. 438 litres of tasty water cocktails were drunk across the Thrive Summer Series.

To demonstrate the importance of balanced meals, Tasty the Chef ran the ‘healthy plates’ game, where children threw good food items onto a giant plate and bad ones into the bin.

Lucy Allen, Councillor Olwen Foggin, Jane Wakiwaka

Lucy Allen, Councillor Olwen Foggin, Jane Wakiwaka at Thrive

To encourage everybody to take one thing away for their daily lives, we provided souvenir cards where people could write their personal activity pledges and add a photo of themselves in fancy dress. 1,084 images were taken in our fun photo booth, with many shared across social media. Spot me in the pink with Councillor Olwen Foggin, and our Sustainability Manager, Jane Wakiwaka, at Fosse Shopping Park in Leicester.

The Thrive Summer Series built on our successful Big Green Leaf roadshow in 2014 and on our Summer Streets initiative, now in its fourth year, which sees Regent Street go traffic-free and entertainment-full every Sunday in July, with lots of pop-up events and activities.

Feedback from our community partners, retailers, local councillors, mayors and those taking part in Thrive has been overwhelmingly positive.

Thrive at Ocean Shopping Park video