Coast Explorer internship – a great learning experience

Victoria Hope, former Coast Explorer intern

14 November 2016

Thanks to the Coast Explorer internship, I’ve been exposed to companies that I hadn’t heard of before, gained experience and contacts, and progressed into a further internship, working with the Geographical Information Services (GIS) team at The Crown Estate.

As a marine biology graduate, I hope to pursue a career in marine mammal research. Since graduating, I’ve participated in several internships, all but one focused on marine mammals. So why did I choose the Coast Explorer internship?

Well, I’ve realised that although experience directly linked to marine mammal research is necessary, other skills are also essential to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Coast Explorer internship offers a wide breadth of opportunities. It’s enabled me to:

  • See up close Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm (the Kentish Flats)
  • Meet people within the marine renewable sector
  • Conduct beach profiling and identify species on the intertidal zone (rock pooling) with Canterbury Council
  • Teach children about climate change with the P1 Marine Foundation
  • Complete a research project at The Crown Estate.

Along with offering a variety of marine experience, this internship also covered costs – something that is sadly very rare, as most students and graduates find themselves paying to participate in marine internships, myself included! The Coast Explorer internship was very flexible too, with the timetable enabling me to still work and earn money.

Perhaps most importantly, Coast Explorer is an internship designed to teach you. You’re not expected to ‘work for free’ but instead to add to your educatation, which is really refreshing. Furthermore, you’re not required to have experience in order to gain experience.

My favourite aspect of the internship was producing a research project at The Crown Estate, as it felt the work we had done was valuable and we also learnt a lot more about the work of the Energy, Minerals and Infrastructure (EMI) team.

I would highly recommend the Coast Explorer internship to anybody interested in careers in the marine environment and unsure of their future career path. You’ll get a great variety of experiences. You’ll also gain unique insights into the organisations involved, The Crown Estate, Vattenfall, Canterbury Council and P1 Marine Foundation. 

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