Art and the Sea at Blakeney

Lilian Cameron and Nell Croose Myhill, Education Officers, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts

06 May 2016

Through the Art and the Sea partnership project with The Crown Estate, the Sainsbury Centre worked with children from Blakeney Primary School to explore life on the North Norfolk coast.

The children generated some wonderful sculptural artwork, drawing and writing in response to the Sainsbury Centre collections and exploring the themes of coast and sea. 

Artist educator Liz Ballard led a series of workshops for 60 children and their teachers and families in 2015, inspired by objects and artefacts from the Sainsbury Centre collections.

Activities included:

  • Exploring the Paget Papua New Guinean collection in the classroom, observing, handling and sketching the artefacts and uncovering their connections to coastal life and culture.
  • Making practical and decorative items for life on the coast, using local materials, and inventing new objects for Blakeney that are useful, sustainable and celebratory.
  • Visiting the Sainsbury Centre, sketching and learning about the North American and South Pacific artefacts, followed by the design and small-scale invention of a coastal island environment in the Education Studio.
  • Creating a temporary Seaside Museum at school, visited by friends and family, with objects collected and displayed by the children in second-hand museum mounts with handwritten labels.

Liz is now producing a publication that will show her work and research in the Sainsbury Centre collection and in Blakeney, and the Education team is producing resources for use in the gallery about the coast and its environment. The team also held a public talk about the project at Cley Marshes Visitor Centre.

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