Bird Tagging in Pembrokeshire

We support a partnership project to improve understanding of birdlife and habitats in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, important for conservation and valued by local people and tourists.

Milford Haven

The Crown Estate has provided funding for three new bird ringing schemes in Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. In October 2015, dedicated and enthusiastic local volunteers started colour ringing curlews, redshanks and oystercatchers. All three wading species have declining populations, with curlews recently added to the red list of Birds of Conservation Concern.

This is part of a long-term study to improve understanding of how different bird species use the estuarine habitat and on their survival, productivity and movements. The study is managed by volunteers from the Pembrokeshire Ringing Group, supported by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority, Natural Resources Wales and British Trust for Ornithology.

Bird feet with ID rings

18 birds were fitted with colour rings in October 2015

Not only does bird ringing data inform conservation activities, the birdlife is valued by local people and visitors, and supports Pembrokeshire’s tourist economy. The Crown Estate may also gain insights that influence how we manage our land and assist our tenants’ commercial activities. In addition, all data feeds into the British Trust for Ornithology’s national bird ringing scheme, contributing to wider understanding.

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