The CITiZAN project is inspiring and training volunteers to capture our coastal heritage before it is lost.

CITiZAN volunteers

The Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network (CITiZAN), is one of England’s largest ever community archaeology projects.

A team of eight CITiZAN archaeologists is training a national network of local volunteers to survey, monitor and record vulnerable archaeological sites along 6,200 miles of coastline and over 500 miles of foreshore on tidal rivers.

6,200 miles

of coastline and

over 500 miles

of foreshore on tidal rivers to monitor

Using standardised methodologies, these volunteers are contributing to a growing database of knowledge about these important sites, opening the door to new research opportunities. Local groups already involved in archaeology projects are also being included, uniting different approaches to create a standardised model.

Run by charity MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology), the project was made possible by £1.4 million funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, match-funding from The Crown Estate and National Trust, and further support from Historic England. Other partners include the Council for British Archaeology in York and the Nautical Archaeology Society in Portsmouth.

CITiZAN was nominated for a Current Archaeology Award in the Rescue Dig of the Year category 2016.

Further Information

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