Fishing for Litter

In line with our commitment to exemplary environmental practice, we are pleased to support Fishing for Litter, which seeks to stop marine litter from reaching beaches and to help keep our seas safe and pollution free by working with the fishing industry.

Fisherman with litter

Fishing for Litter is one of the most innovative and successful projects to tackle marine litter at sea. Operated by KIMO UK in South West England, this simple initiative aims to reduce marine litter by engaging one of the key stakeholders, the fishing industry.

KIMO UK provides fishing boats with large, durable bags to collect marine litter caught in their nets. When the vessels come into port, these bags are then collected by harbour staff on the quayside and the waste is disposed of.

The Fishing for Litter programme reduces the amount of debris washing up on our beaches, saves fishermen time untangling nets and protects the marine environment and wildlife. The team also holds educational activities to raise awareness of the marine environment and litter pollution within the fishing industry and local communities.

Over 1,000 tonnes

of litter removed from UK seas

Fishing for Litter Scotland has removed 910 tonnes of litter from the seas around Scotland since 2005. Over 210 fishing vessels are currently participating across 15 harbours. The initiative won RSPB’s Nature of Scotland Award for Marine Conservation 2015.

Fishing for Litter South West has removed 150 tonnes of marine litter from the seas around South West England since 2009. Around 160 fishing vessels are currently participating across 11 harbours.

Clare Leverton, South West Fishing for Litter Coordinator said, "The projects have grown from strength to strength, working with the fishing industry around the UK to help keep seas safe and pollution free. 26 harbours are actively collecting and we hope to continue this growth by engaging more fishing fleets and their home ports in the UK." 

Further Information

Fishing for Litter website