Recruit Regional

We’re expanding opportunities to support local people into jobs from our successful local employment and training scheme in central London to some of our key shopping destinations around the UK through a range of initiatives brought together under the banner ‘Recruit Regional’.

With a thriving portfolio encompassing Regent Street and much of St James’s, and one of the largest owners of regional retail schemes in the UK, we recognise the importance of local employment and training – supporting local people into jobs and helping businesses with their recruitment needs. This is a win/win for our local communities and commercial partners.

Building on our long-standing Recruit London employment and training scheme with Westminster City Council and Cross River Partnership, we are expanding opportunities to some of our major regional shopping destinations.

Recruit Regional initiatives include support for local job fairs, training programmes and the introduction of Workplace Coordinators, which we are piloting at two shopping destinations. Our Workplace Coordinators provide candidates with workshops and one-to-one support to coach them back into work.

The Workplace Coordinators also work with employers and referral agencies to match local jobseekers to vacancies, supporting candidates throughout. This delivers skilled, job-ready candidates, with additional mentoring in the workplace for up to six months. 

Faheem Qureshi, Head of Employment Generation at The Crown Estate said: "This is a fantastic example of how property owners can make contributions to the community that go beyond bricks and mortar, and at the same time deliver commercial benefits for our occupiers." 

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