These are our key performance indicators used to measure overall performance of the organisation. 

It is through these indicators that we measure our performance against our strategic objectives. They cover both financial and non-financial indicators, communicating the broader value we create beyond financial return.


Revenue Profit Growth
Our Target: 5% annual increase in net revenue profile on three-year rolling basis
How we performed: £328.8m - Growth in annualised net revenue profit of 7.2%


Total Return
Our Target: Outperform our bespoke total return benchmark on an annualised three-year rolling basis
How we performed: 84% - Employee survey 'Great place to work' score


Customer Satisfaction Score
Our Target: Outperformance of Institute of Customer Service Benchmark (77.8%)
How we performanced: 79% - Customer satisfaction score. Survey of 700 customers as part of our customer satisfaction programme


Carbon Emissions

Our Target: Improve carbon emissions intensity by 40% against 2012/2013 baseline for property under direct control by 2022

How we performed: 7% improvement in carbon emissions intensity on 2015/2016


Health & safety overall incident severity score improvement

Our Target: 10% incident severity score improvement on 2015/2016

How we performed: 22% overall incident severity score improvement on 2015/2016