Aquaculture research

We invest in research projects to support the aquaculture sector.

We invest in research projects for two main reasons: to provide information which will reduce uncertainties regarding the impact of activities we manage; or to provide background information that might assist in developing new business sectors. Our aquaculture research has included projects of both types.

In our drive to reduce uncertainty and increase understanding, we have carried out a broad range of projects addressing management, husbandry and consenting issues for finfish and shellfish aquaculture, as well as the threats to aquaculture such as those arising from harmful algal blooms and jellyfish.

Our experience in aquaculture has also been put to good use in gaining an understanding of the issues surrounding the farming of macro-algae (seaweed). Not only can seaweed farming be viewed as a small-scale diversification for traditional aquaculture practice, we believe it also has potential as the basis for a new large scale bio-energy or bio-chemicals business sector.