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Enhancing the value of our estate through active asset management, first class design and sustainability.

Working with our partners
Active management

Working with our partners

Whether protecting the old, or developing the new, our approach is consistent - we demand the best. We value quality architecture and excellence in design because we understand the impact they can have on quality of life. We do not subscribe to one particular form or style.

Working with local authorities we produce development briefs for sites which are allocated for development. Our 'Design Guide' covers our core principles when it comes to development.

We work alongside development and construction partners ensuring they aspire to the same high standards we do. Our partners are required to work to our design briefs to deliver high quality buildings that respond to both the challenges of today and tomorrow, and that fit into and support the local environment.

Using these robust criteria and systems, we produce high quality award winning developments such as our energy efficient homes at Burnhill Green.


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  1. Working with us

    Through our projects we aim to meet the needs of local residents and businesses.

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  2. Sustainability

    We make sure that our development has a minimal impact on the environment.

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