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Working with us
Our portfolio
Glenlivet forestry

Our principal forest areas in Somerset and Glenlivet are open for public use through a wide range of waymarked paths and cycle trails covering some 160 kilometres (100 miles). We welcome events and activities and encourage educational use of our land for forest schools.

The rural estate includes almost 11,000 hectares (27,000 acres) of forestry. The majority of this is managed 'in-hand' but just over 4,000 hectares (9,900 acres) is leased to the Forestry Commission. A further 3,000 plus hectares lies on our Windsor estate.

Our management strategy is to optimise revenue and capital growth through active management while delivering a wide range of stewardship objectives.

By taking an approach to silvicultural (woodland) management that prioritises improvement programmes we are able to improve timber quality, commercial returns and woodland structure.

We are actively involved in a number of projects across the UK to promote tree planting and have developed a Forests for the Future education resource for young learners aged 10-12.

Forests for the Future

Our principal forest areas are open for public use and a wide range of attractive and enjoyable waymarked paths and trails are provided for walking, cycling horse riding and other outdoor activities. We welcome their use for events and activities and encourage educational use for forest schools and nature walks.

For details and further information please visit:

Dunster estate

Glenlivet estate

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  1. Our portfolio

    We are guardians and managers of forest landscapes in some of the most scenic parts of the UK countryside.

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  2. Working with us

    We work with a wide range of business partners, government agencies and communities to deliver our multi purposed forest management objectives.

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