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Glenlivet is a highly integrated multiple-use upland estate. It comprises over 30 let farms, 3,500 ha of commercial forests and a sporting tenancy including grouse moors, salmon fishings and deer stalking. Traditional farming, forestry and sporting activities are balanced with new uses of the land, particularly tourism and recreation.

Lying between the Ladder and Cromdale Hills in the county of Moray, the two broad straths of the rivers Avon and Livet form the Glenlivet estate. Amidst these stunning landscapes the mixed countryside supports a wide variety of upland wildlife.

The range of historic sites on the estate provide an insight into past events that have shaped the landscape and community that live here. These range from ancient standing stones to the Scalan, the "hidden" eighteenth century Catholic seminary, and the fourteenth century Drumin Castle.

Facilities and services for visitors and the local community are continually being developed, and the estate attracts some 30,000 visitors each year. The access network provides 18 waymarked walks and six cycle trails which allow the countryside to be explored, and with local business partners offering wildlife watching, off road tours, horse riding and skiing there is a whole package of outdoor activities on offer.

Construction work has now started on the £500,000 development of purpose-built mountain bike trails on the Glenlivet estate in Moray. The project, led by The Crown Estate, includes the development of a mountain bike centre and two new cross-country bike trails enhanced by the wilderness and stunning views. They will be constructed predominately within the commercial forest area and will consist of two routes (10km and 19km) using a combination of existing forest tracks and newly built single track trails.

The establishment of a ranger service at Glenlivet benefits visitors, and has enabled a strong relationship to be built over the years with the community.

Glenlivet consistently puts the green agenda at the forefront of what it does, and has been awarded the Green Tourism Business Scheme Gold Standard three times and in 2009 won the Green Award in the Highlands and Islands Tourism Awards.

The estate consistently picks up awards for excellence in forestry, tourism, land management and sustainability, and is a showcase for our guiding principles of commercialism, integrity and stewardship.

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