Rural residential

Our portfolio of homes includes listed buildings and brand new modern homes, from one-bed terraces to large detached family houses.

We have over 700 rural residential tenancies, mainly former farm cottages and farmhouses. New lettings are on an assured shorthold (AST) basis and attract market value rents. 

Our properties are situated across the UK and their day-to-day management is handled by local managing agents.

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We also sell as well as let properties in our portfolio. In 2014 we decided to sell a number of our properties across the portfolio in order to re-invest elsewhere. 

Although an AST does not offer any guarantee that a tenant can remain in a property beyond the end of the contractual term and an owner is entitled to have vacant possession of the property on service of only two months' notice, we recognise that finding somewhere else to live in that space of time may be difficult. In our current sales programme we are presently able to provide substantially increased notice periods of up to six months (perhaps longer) depending on circumstances. Also, as part of the current sales programme we are offering to all tenants affected first refusal to buy the property before it is put on the open market.