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Cyclists on the Glenlivet estate

What we do

We work in partnership with many organisations to encourage growth in the visitor economy across the UK from the Highlands of Scotland to Exmoor in Somerset.

We aim to enhance and protect the natural and cultural heritage under our stewardship and provide high quality services and facilities for visitors. We help support our tenants' tourism businesses and encourage economic growth by:

  • Active and innovative promotional and destination marketing activities
  • Investment in outdoor recreational infrastructure, heritage projects and tourism products including walking and mountain biking trail networks
  • High quality countryside information and interpretation services including maps and guides
  • Working in partnership with tourism agencies, conservation bodies and local authorities
  • Facilitating and organising events and community activities
  • Promoting media opportunities to potential film and programme makers.

We actively encourage recreational access to our land through the establishment and management of permitted access routes in woodlands and across farmland and moorland areas, helping visitors to explore and enjoy the special landscapes in our care.