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Reporting and assurance

Our report preparation and review process is designed to ensure that the information provided within our reporting is material, responsive to stakeholder concerns, and as complete as possible. Our internal processes also take account of reporting guidance relating to report quality, covering issues such as balance, timeliness, comparability, accuracy and clarity.

How we report

In June 2013 we produced our first integrated annual report, fundamentally changing the way we communicate on sustainability. We no longer produce a separate sustainability report but have instead integrated the material issues that drive our business and create value including sustainability into one main concise integrated report. At the same time we realise that some content that was previously covered in the sustainability report is still of interest so we have updated our website to provide this. The website can be updated more regularly providing updated on our performance and our progress towards making a positive impact.  

Our reporting boundaries

We report in accordance with The Crown Estate's financial reporting cycle, running from 1 April - 31 March the following year.

Our external reporting is underpinned by clear definitions of our reporting boundaries. We gather and report information from activities under our control, but as our total contribution project highlighted the majority of the impact on our estate is outside of our direct control and the responsibility of others. We believe that we have a role as a responsible land manager to enable improvement here as well and we work with partners and our customers to realise this.  


We welcome your feedback on our approach.