What we do

As active asset managers we invest in sectors where we are specialists and have critical mass: the West End of London, and in prime retail property across the UK.

We are successful placemakers, working in partnership with substantial global investors to lead and implement projects that make the most of our assets.

As owners of the whole of Regent Street and much of St James’s, we are currently delivering a £1.5 billion investment and redevelopment plan in the heart of London’s West End, as well as being one of the largest owners of major retail schemes outside of the capital.

Through sales and acquisitions, property development and active asset management we take advantage of a dominant position in our areas of specialism to enhance the quality of our investments and the make-up of the portfolio.

In recent years we have made significant progress: our award winning £1 billion Regent Street investment programme has transformed the street into a 21st century international destination; our St James's properties are also now the focus of comprehensive £500 million regeneration plan; and we have constructed a major £1.8 billion portfolio of commercial assets outside of London, that makes us one of the country's largest owners of prime retail property.

Under the Crown Estate Act we have no fresh sources of capital, nor can we borrow. Consequently we operate a business model based on the effective recycling of our existing capital and increasingly, the formation of strategic partnerships. We are part of a number of joint venture property partnerships across the UK, and our partners include Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), Gingko Tree Investment Ltd, Oxford Properties Group and Land Securities.

We now manage strategic joint ventures containing over £1.5 billion of our partners’ funds.

As well as taking a commercial approach to property investment, we take seriously our role as steward of some of the country's finest buildings and streetscapes. We take a long-term view of managing our business to ensure our properties meet the needs occupiers and users for generations to come.