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What we do

We are specialist owners and managers in two key areas: the West End of London, and in prime retail property across the UK.

Dynamic asset management is the hallmark of the urban portfolio. We concentrate on our core areas of the West End, where we own extensive prime assets on Regent Street and in St James's, and on a regional portfolio that stretches from Wales and the West Country to the north-east of England and Scotland, and is focused on prime retail and leisure.

Through sales and acquisitions, property development and active asset management we take advantage of a dominant position in our areas of specialism to enhance the quality of our investments and the make-up of the portfolio. 

In recent years we have made significant progress: our award winning £1 billion Regent Street investment programme has transformed the street into a 21st century international destination; our St James's properties are also now the focus of comprehensive £500 million regeneration plan; and we have constructed a major £1.5 billion portfolio of commercial assets outside of London, that makes us one of the country's largest owners of prime retail property.

Under the Crown Estate Act we have no fresh sources of capital, nor can we borrow. Consequently we operate a business model based on the effective recycling of our existing capital and increasingly, the formation of strategic partnerships. We are part of a number of joint venture property partnerships across the UK, the most significant of which is our partnership with Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM) on Regent Street. 

As well as taking a commercial approach to property investment, we take seriously our role as steward of some of the country's finest buildings and streetscapes. We take a long-term view of managing our business to ensure our properties meet the needs occupiers and users for generations to come.

Our portfolio

Our total commercial property is worth around £4bn. Spread throughout the United Kingdom, over half is located in central London and the West End.

  1. Regent Street

    We own the freehold to Regent Street in its entirety and since 2002 have been implementing a major £1 billion Regent Street Vision investment programme.

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  2. St James's

    We own nearly 50 per cent of the buildings in St James's and the area is part of the core fabric of The Crown Estate. 

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  3. Regional assets

    A £1.5 billion property portfolio, our regional investments are principally in the retail sector where we are specialist property managers but also include a range of industrial and office premises.

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  4. Residential

    Both of our core London holdings include residential property: our ongoing investment in St James's aims to build on an established and significant residential community, whilst Regent Street's sweeping curve offers 50 modern apartments for city living.

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