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Family of cyclists in Windsor Great Park
Horse riders on the Windsor estate

Parkland on the Windsor estate includes Windsor Great Park, the only Royal Park managed by The Crown Estate, which includes The Royal Landscape. The immediate surrounds of Windsor Castle comprise 400 acres of the Home Park.

Windsor Great Park, part of a vast Norman hunting chase, stretches from Windsor Castle to the north to Ascot in the south, and includes a great variety of scenery and wildlife.

Situated in the south-east corner of the Great Park the Royal Landscape is one of the estate's highlights. Virginia Water lake and its surrounding Georgian landscape of woodland, glades and forest rides is the centre piece within which two internationally famous gardens - the Savill and Valley Gardens - were created in the twentieth century.

Full details on visiting can be found at:

The Royal Landscape

Adjacent to the gardens is Smith's Lawn, which is home to the renowned Guards Polo Club.

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