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Working with us

We work in partnership with specialists across the many diverse areas of estate activity. If you feel that you or your organisation could add benefit to the organisation then please do contact us.

Filming in Windsor Great Park
Filming in Windsor Great Park


In recent years the estate has become popular as a location for filming projects, from small single camera photo shoots to major motion pictures. The diversity of landscapes and locations, and the proximity of the estate to the major studios at Shepperton and Pinewood make it attractive to film-makers. Scenes from a number of the Harry Potter films were shot on the estate, and an arm of Virginia Water doubled up as the River Thames, bringing Russell Crowe, playing Robin Hood, to the Tower of London.

All filming work is done with the approval and support of Natural England, thereby ensuring the continued well being of the natural environment.

To enquire about filming in Windsor Great Park, please contact:

Catherine Corrigan or Gino Caiafa

Telephone: 01753 847 519.

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