Broadening and diversifying our retail and leisure mix

In Regent Street and St James’s we have two standout retail and leisure destinations in the centre of London’s West End.

Our role, is to curate an interesting and diverse mix of offers and services to ensure we keep attracting and welcoming new people to our places.

To do this, we are carefully considering the make-up of our retail and leisure offer, taking the opportunity wherever possible to evolve the mix to reflect what our customers and visitors want and expect of a modern capital city. 

As one of the world’s most renowned retail districts, Regent Street will continue to deliver world class experiences, but as we evolve our offer, our vision sees iconic brands housed alongside relevant smaller pop-up stores and start-up businesses showcasing new offers, products and services.

Last year through the temporary public realm enhancements to Regent Street we started this evolution, delivering a safer, greener, and more accessible and inviting destination for visitors. By putting in place 5,000 sq m of additional pedestrian space, reducing traffic from four to two lanes, introducing dedicated cycle lanes and over 300 planters, 60 tress and dedicated seating areas, Regent Street and the surrounding area is now a place to explore, experience and enjoy, rather than just to shop.

We also want to target new sectors, work with more sustainable businesses, and attract brands with purpose that fit with our vision for a green and inclusive city. In the autumn, to coincide with London Fashion Week and the New West End Company’s sustainable fashion month, we launched a pop-up store at 88 Regent Street, creating the unique opportunity for six independent sustainability-focused fashion brands, founded in the local area, to promote the authenticity of their products and the story behind them.

Looking to the bigger picture, we are keen to start building more vibrant and diverse local districts within our portfolio. Such as Heddon Street, just off of Regent Street, which is fast becoming renowned as a leading alfresco dining and leisure neighbourhood in the capital. Now home to over ten much loved hospitality names, Casa do Frango and bar The Starman are the most recent to have joined the local offer here, which spans from Michelin starred cuisine, to up and coming pop-ups. Heddon Street’s offer will further evolve over the next few months, with new customers joining us alongside a refresh of the street to celebrate its personality as an alfresco dining destination with an eclectic heritage linked to art, music and culture.

Image: Supplied by Westminster City Council, copyright: Leo Cinicolo

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