Great reasons to join

There are many fantastic reasons to join The Crown Estate. Here are just a few.

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We manage amazing assets

The sheer scope and scale of our activities, from Regent Street to the UK offshore industry, from agricultural, mineral and forestry estates, to residential and commercial property is unique. We have extraordinary opportunities for talented people.

We stretch people. We want you to venture into activities beyond your specialist areas, to get involved in major corporate projects which will help define the business for the future, to contribute to business success and broaden you as an individual along the way.

The value we deliver is more than financial

We are a commercial business. 100% of our revenue profit goes to the UK Treasury but our role goes beyond generating profit. We believe that success is a business performance which stands the test of time.

We take the long view and consider the economic, environmental and social impacts of our business, helping us to enhance the contribution that we make to national life.

We have a vision

We are striving to be a progressive, commercial business creating significant value beyond our financial return.

We work with stakeholders to grow our business, outperforming the market while delivering sustainable long-term returns and making a positive impact through our total contribution to the UK.

We deliver

And we work hard at how we deliver. We behave in a way which we consider to be recognisably The Crown Estate way – ‘our way’. We are agile and considered in how we do business. We respect and are open and honest with everyone with whom we work. We do what we say and we work with spirit and commitment, collaborating at all times, connecting people, ideas and opportunities.

We work with the best

Our role brings us into contact with a huge range of organisations and individuals, from developers, regulators, engineering and technology businesses, landowners and politicians. Many are world-renowned leaders in their fields. Working for The Crown Estate provides unique access and opportunity to enhance your skills, experience and career.

We are a values-driven business

We have a strong set of values – commercialism, integrity and stewardship – and we use them as our benchmark for doing business. We work hard to combine the three in all that we do, believing we are stronger and more effective when all three are working together. We believe in them, we are proud of them and we are respected by our partners for our commitment to them.

Conscious commercialism

This is our single, unifying objective that guides us in all that we do. By ‘commercialism’ we mean being enterprising and successful. By ‘conscious’ we mean being thoughtful and responsible, honest, considered and progressive.

Put the two together and, for us, it means thinking bigger! About how we can create added value, taking decisions that have positive impacts in many ways, for many people.

What we can offer

We provide competitive market-linked remuneration packages, offering a range of benefits including access to a choice of pension schemes. We also recognise individual success through performance-related pay and bonuses.

We want you to develop

We take the development of our people very seriously, as you would expect from an organisation with Investor in People accreditation. Given our diversity, we prefer a flexible approach to training, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for selecting the options that are going to be best for them.

We’re great people to work with

Take a look at our success stories to see the pride, passion and enthusiasm of our people.

Team spirit, common purpose, mutual support and the greater good are recurring themes of these very personal accounts of life at The Crown Estate.

Success stories

Our people are as varied and amazing as our assets and activities.

Read on for a selection of stories from across our business.

Success stories