Our business

We manage a truly amazing set of assets.

Quadrant 3, Regent Street
The Glenlivet estate, Moray
Marine aggregates

Our assets include the whole of Regent Street and much of St James’s in central London, retail and leisure parks around the UK, hundreds of thousands of acres of rural land and coastline, Windsor Great Park, and the UK’s seabed.

All our revenue profit (in 2015/16 it was £304.1 million) goes directly to the UK Treasury. We continue to add to the long-term value of our assets and the income they produce, consistently performing ahead of the market.

We are more than just a property company and our total contribution, the sum of the economic, social and environmental value we add to the UK, is significant and goes beyond just financial return.

We believe that ‘sustainable’ and ‘successful’ are the same thing. This benefits our business, our partners’ businesses, people we work with and the UK economy.

Our values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship don’t just guide our business, they really matter to us.

Do we sound like the kind of organisation you’d like to work for?