Health, safety and wellbeing

Health and safety:

The health, safety and wellbeing of our people, partners, customers and visitors is our number one priority and continuous improvement in this area remains a top priority

We have adopted a ‘safety first’ approach to shift towards taking a much greater proactive stance; ensuring better risk mitigation and a strengthening of our processes and culture.

We are also committed to working hard to embed health and safety at the outset of our decision-making to ensure we are always prioritising the protection of people, particularly where we can have the greatest impact such as at the early design stage of our schemes and assets.

We measure our health and safety performance using an Incident Severity Score. This measure covers incidents and significant near misses relating to injury, security or environmental incidents, and involving our staff, suppliers, or members of the public on our property portfolio. We encourage the reporting of incidents and near misses, to help us to understand where to focus attention. Our goal is to achieve a 10% year-on-year improvement, on a rolling three-year average. We also actively encourage the reporting of incidents and near misses.

Mental health and wellbeing:

We recognise the vital importance of health and wellbeing in supporting our people, boosting productivity and attracting the best talent. Our ambition is to put wellbeing at the heart of how we operate, supporting people to thrive.

Within the real estate sector the conversation about mental health has started, but there is still much more to do. We know that we play an important role in this along with other peers in the sector, and we feel we are making progress.

We’ve now trained 70 of our colleagues as Mental Health First Aiders, providing one trained member of staff for every 8 members of staff, and also offer an employee assistance programme, giving our people access to independent and confidential advice 24 hours a day. 

We are also a founding partner of the Estates Gazette’s mental health programme, a campaign to start more conversations about mental health within the property industry, and we run a year-round wellbeing programme, which includes everything from virtual exercise and wellbeing activities, to opportunities to hear from experts on subjects including sleep, managing wellbeing, and improving nutrition.

Our head office at St James’s Market is also the first office in Europe to achieve WELL Platinum certification, a global standard to enhance people’s health and wellness through the built environment.

Our focus on wellbeing also extends to our customers and places. We’ve grown our wellbeing offer for our customers in central London, with free access to a variety of health and wellness activities, and are applying what we’re learning to our supply chain too, such as on site at Fosse Park in Leicestershire, where we have a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Charter for contractors and subcontractors.

We also know that our places can make an important contribution to visitors' health and wellbeing, such as at Windsor Great Park, where we provide the community vital access to green space, including throughout the pandemic.

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