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Material issues

The issues that are material to our long-term success.

Each year we review the issues most pertinent to the long-term resilience and success of our business. We call these our material issues.

We are very aware of the economic, political, market, social and environmental issues of significance to our business. We continue to review them annually, with a formal process for materiality that involves discussions with business partners and specialist advisers. Those issues we have identified inform our strategy and business planning, and are closely linked to our risks and opportunities.

Our material issues

Health of the economy

The health of the economy and political stability; as linked to geopolitical issues and global economic influences, impact upon our business and our customers’ businesses, influencing our ability to achieve sustainable, profitable growth.

Reputation and trust

Our reputation and the trust of our stakeholders and wider society are fundamental for us to operate successfully.

Customers’ aspirations

Our customers are at the heart of our business’s success and their aspirations and expectations continue to rise quickly.

London’s place in the world

With around 60% of our capital value in London, the capital’s position as a sustainable and thriving world city is crucial to our success.

Impact of technology and data on the business

Technology is rapidly changing our world, with disruption, digitisation, data and information security impacting how we do business now and in the future.

Government policy and constitutional change

At every level, corporately and in our portfolios, our business is impacted by the UK constitution and prevailing government policy.

Availability of skills and talent

Realising the full potential of our business depends upon our ability to attract and retain a diverse range of skills and expertise, both internally and through our supply chain.

The natural environment

Our ability to deliver on our purpose is impacted by our planet’s finite resources and growing population and the consequent pressure on our climate, as well as natural and built environments.

Strategic relationships

Strategic alliances with partners and suppliers who share our values and ambition are a significant enabler to our business and the long‑term future of our portfolio.

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