Our Corporate Strategy

We are evolving from a traditional investor and property manager into a customer-centric business that delivers a range of products and services through its real estate. We believe that building enduring, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers is the best route to ensuring their success and, in turn, embedding resilience into our business.

To complement our established approach to managing, developing and investing in real estate, our Corporate Strategy sets out the principles that will help to achieve a longer term transformation of our business. This means actively considering the breadth and diversity of skills that we require; ensuring we have the most effective relationship with our partners and supply chain; investing further in technology, data and digital tools; and reconsidering our governance and processes to ensure they are optimised to deliver the best customer experience.

Explore below our approach and our Corporate Strategy in more detail. 

Our Annual Report 2018/19

Brilliant places through
conscious commercialism

Brilliant places help our customers achieve their goals. They are places our customers want to work in, where businesses choose to invest, spaces that people want to visit and where local communities thrive.

Conscious commercialism describes our approach to doing business and managing our portfolios, and the way in which we deliver positive impacts for our customers, partners, communities and the environment.

Material issues

Understanding and addressing the issues which are most pertinent to the resilience of our business is critical to our long‑term success.

Our material issues exercise is an integral part of our strategy development. The risks and opportunities arising from the assessment of our material issues inform our evolving strategy and its implementation through the activities in the business model.

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Our Corporate Strategy

Our Corporate Strategy establishes an approach to investing, developing and managing our real estate which is focused on our customers.

This approach is informed by our strategic review of risk and opportunity. It will be enabled by investment in our operational capabilities, ensuring we have the right skills and culture to deliver success and building partnerships with our customers and supply chain.

Our four strategic objectives

Actively manage our assets to drive sustainable outperformance against our commercial targets

Nurture a high-performance culture and reputation as a brilliant place to work

Build ever stronger relationships through high levels of customer and partner satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation

Be a leading responsible and resilient business which thinks long term

Our business model

We specialise in sectors where we have critical mass and expertise, enabling us to realise our competitive advantage and outperform the market.

We are focused on achieving our financial and non-financial targets through the investment, development and management of real estate to meet our customers' needs, while being conscious of our wider impact on our stakeholders, communities and the environment.

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