Our values

We are a business driven by a strong set of values.


We are committed to finding better ways to enhance the performance of our assets in a way that makes them fit for the future and helps our customers succeed. Whether we're creating world-class shopping destinations in London's West End; enhancing the role of retail and leisure in local communities; or unlocking the value of the UK seabed, we are driven by a determination to increase returns in the right way through leveraging our knowledge, relationships and scale within our chosen sectors.


Working closely alongside our customers, partners and communities, to behave with integrity is essential if we want to be known as a leading and responsible business.

We want our customers and communities to have confidence in us, to believe that the hallmark of The Crown Estate is 'Trust'. That is how we attract the best customers, and how we are able to work with the best partners. It is also why integrity - our second core value - goes to the heart of how we do business.


Stewardship is deeply ingrained in our culture; because of our history and because of our heritage, we act at all times as good stewards of the properties we manage. We strive for the best standards of management: in our parkland and gardens; in our farmland and our forestry; in the marine environment; and in our buildings and streetscapes. So our commercial approach is supported by a clear recognition of our stewardship responsibilities.

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