We believe that a successful business and a sustainable business are one and the same.

We are building on our long history of responsible management and integrating sustainability into all that we do.

Our approach is being refined and will be led by the review of our purpose and strategy, to understand how we can respond to longer term issues like climate change. In the meantime we continue to work to our Aspirations 2030. Progress against these and social aspects of our activity is reported  in our integrated annual report and our Sustainability: Performance against capitals (PAC) report. Our innovative methodology called Total Contribution is also used to measure the impact of our activities beyond the financial. 

We have set ourselves ambitious aspirations to be met by 2030. Delivery against these will help us maintain our resilience as a business, in light of current trends likely to affect us:

Climate action
To be climate resilient by 2030, with portfolio decarbonisation and effective climate change adaptation in place.

Healthy places and habitats
By 2030 to be creating healthy places where our customers, employees, communities and natural habitats can thrive.

By 2030 we will have closed the waste loop using circular economy principles.

man in bee keeping protective suit, holding up a honeycomb with bees on it

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