Environmental value

Our response to the environmental emergency

We believe that a successful business and a sustainable business are one and the same.

We’re committed to helping to tackle the global climate and biodiversity crises. From supporting the growth of clean, renewable energy offshore, to creating new green space, and delivering more energy efficient buildings, our aim is to create greener, healthier and more sustainable places for generations to come. As part of this ambition, we’ve committed to become a net zero carbon business by 2030 and climate positive thereafter.

The scale of the environmental crisis makes it hard to know where to start, but at The Crown Estate we are clear that ‘doing nothing’ is not an option. Protecting our natural world and addressing climate change are the twin challenges of our generation and cannot be looked at in isolation.

We have set ourselves ambitious targets to respond to the environmental emergency, committing to align our business to a 1.5°C climate scenario, with a target to be a net zero business by 2030 and climate positive thereafter.

As part of that, we will seek solutions to restore the natural world, by providing and protecting habitats and removing carbon from the atmosphere.

This won’t be we easy, but we know it’s vital for businesses like ours to step up to help tackle the challenges facing our planet and create the kind of world we want to live in.

We are optimistic that, together, we can rise to meet these challenges, and have set out five core elements to our commitment:

1) Strategic alignment to 1.5°C goal of Paris Agreement - we commit to helping to create the world we want to live in by becoming a net zero business by 2030 and climate positive thereafter.

2) Embedding climate resilience - we will prepare our business to be resilient in the face of higher levels of warming.

3) Taking an integrated approach to climate and ecology - we will address the crises in our climate and ecological environment in a joined up way.

4) Decarbonisation of our real estate portfolio - we will decarbonise emissions associated with the design, construction and operation of our real estate across the country.

5) Realising the green growth potential of the nation’s seabed - we will manage the nation’s increasingly busy seabed to realise its potential to enable the UK’s green industrial revolution.

We will hold ourselves to account for delivery of our commitments, and in order to guide delivery we have set out:

  • Our Scope – which sets out our current reporting boundary in line with industry best practice
  • Our Roadmap – which outlines the milestones and activities that we will deliver in order to make progress towards our goal
  • Our Approach – to guide us in decarbonising our real estate by adopting the industry standard energy hierarchy

Our business touches so many parts of modern life, with a history and heritage rooted in the fabric of the nation. By addressing ecological resilience and climate change together we will maximise the potential of the nation’s seabed as a source of clean energy and promote healthy seas and ecosystems; we will ensure Great Windsor Park and our rural portfolio reach their potential to help reinvigorate the nation’s ecological fabric; and we will find new ways to bring wildlife back to our places and cities.

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