CrownGate Shopping Centre launches recruitment service for local job seekers

CrownGate is launching a new recruitment programme, Recruit CrownGate, to connect individuals in Worcester with jobs in the city.

19 January 2017

Recruit CrownGate has been created in partnership by The Crown Estate and Heart of Worcestershire College.

The new initiative will launch on Thursday 26th January 2017. Local businesses have been invited to join the event, from 8am- 9am, at Café Zest, in House of Fraser, CrownGate Shopping Centre. This will be followed by a free drop-in event held in Chapel Walk for job seekers.

Recruit CrownGate is a free, professional recruitment service for the people of Worcester, CrownGate retailers and local businesses.

The service will offer tailor-made interview and assessment days, and match skilled candidates with appropriate job vacancies at the centre and the surrounding area. Successful candidates will also be provided with workplace mentoring for the first six months after their appointment, to help ensure that people remain in position and progress.

The launch of Recruit CrownGate follows the success of similar recruitment schemes initiated by The Crown Estate at its retail destinations Princesshay in Exeter and Fosse Park in Leicester.

Our aim for this scheme is to enrich the relationship between CrownGate and the community of Worcester.”

Faheem Qureshi, Head of Employment Generation at The Crown Estate

Erica Burlace, Centre Manager at CrownGate Shopping Centre, commented:

“The retail sector is the largest private sector employer in the UK, and it is a fast-paced, exciting and multi-faceted industry. As the nation’s shopping habits have evolved, so have the career opportunities offered by retailers become more diverse. Recruit CrownGate is looking to harness these by working directly with the businesses at CrownGate. This is an exciting opportunity for retailers and will help them find the right candidate, with the correct skill set and work ethic.”

Francesca Gibbs, Workplace Coordinator for Recruit CrownGate, said:

“This is an exciting new project and it is fantastic to be the driving force behind making it a success. Recruit CrownGate will see local people matched to and successfully recruited into local vacancies”.

Faheem Qureshi, Head of Employment Generation at The Crown Estate, which owns CrownGate Shopping Centre, added:

“Our aim for this scheme is to enrich the relationship between CrownGate and the community of Worcester. With the support of our partners, Heart of Worcestershire College, Recruit CrownGate will connect businesses with local people to help them attract the best talent and explore new opportunities together.”

For more information about Recruit CrownGate please visit