Integrating sustainability

We believe that a successful business and a sustainable business are one and the same.

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We are building on our long history of sustainability and good management and integrating sustainability into all that we do. It guides our decision-making and helps to create significant value beyond financial return. This approach is reflected throughout our website.

Material issues

Six capitals

We draw upon six capitals (previously referred to as resources and relationships)  to create value in our business.

An understanding of these capitals and their inter-connections is increasingly integrated into our thinking and decision-making processes.


The story of value creation is told in our Integrated report. We measure that value through our Total Contribution, which is evolving into a real measure of positive impact and also being developed as a tool to help decision-making.

Key achievements

  • 99 per cent of operational waste diverted from landfill (2015/16).
  • Another 5 per cent improvement in carbon emission intensity (kg CO2e/m2 weighted and indexed to 2012/13 baseline) (2015/16).
  • 632,920 working hours without a reportable H&S incident, a 29 per cent improvement on 2014/15.
  • 22 per cent improvement on 2014/15 H&S incident severity score.
  • 94 per cent of SSSIs in favourable or recovering condition.
  • Increase in numbers of employees and hours engaged in volunteering by 85 and 51 per cent respectively.
  • Great place to work employee engagement score of 83 per cent, outperforming the UK national normal rating of 78 per cent (source: Wills Towers Watson).
  • Continued evolution of our Total Contribution approach as a decision-making tool.
  • Implementation of tools to encourage increased sustainability in development projects (leading to BREEAM Outstanding and Excellent ratings) and tenant fit-out: 

Development Sustainability Principles (PDF, 3.04 MB)

Sustainability fit out guide (Retail and leisure) (PDF, 0.38 MB)

Sustainability fit out guide (Offices) (PDF, 0.38 MB)

Key challenges

  • Embedding the Total Contribution approach as the basis of all decision-making.
  • Understanding and measuring the social impacts of our business activity.
  • Ensuring that the operational (in-use) building performance for new developments are in line with the design estimates and targets.
  • Further reducing the frequency and severity of accidents whilst continually improving the health and safety culture and providing practical polices and process that reflect our diverse range of business activities.
  • Working with our supply chain on responsible sourcing of natural materials used in construction.