Regional overview

Our Regional Retail Portfolio is valued at £2.4 billion, with investments principally in the retail sector, an area where we are specialist property managers. The portfolio also includes a range of industrial and office premises.

MK1 Shopping Park
Victoria Retail Park Nottingham

Our regional portfolio includes 15 retail parks, three shopping centres, and one leisure destination. Over the last few years, we've been reshaping our Regional Retail portfolio around the best schemes in great locations. 

This exciting new development has helped to bring further investment and jobs to the area. We've also been able to deliver some fantastic benefits for the local community as part of this project and in partnership with The Crown Estate”

Norma Redfearn, North Tyneside Mayor

We're investing in our existing portfolio, such as Fosse Park in Leicester, to improve the shopping experience and retail offer as well as creating new destinations. 

Recently we opened Silverlink Point, a 56,000 sq ft extension to the Silverlink Shopping Park in North Tyneside. Fully let upon opening, it has delivered a developer's profit in excess of 75%. It also marks the start of a more significant programme of development; in 2017/18 we will deliver over one million sq ft of retail and leisure space as we complete the Westgate Shopping Centre in Oxford and Phase 1 of Rushden Lakes, a shopping and leisure park in Northamptonshire. 

While our regional investments are predominantly in the retail and leisure sectors, a smaller exposure to office and industrial properties also plays a role in helping us deliver on our financial objectives. Within these holdings we own offices in Birmingham and Cambridge plus a number of industrial estates.

We've been expanding our Recruit Regional employment and training programme to additional schemes and have now placed a total of 101 people into employment. Our Recruit programmes have generated over £40 million through savings on welfare and tax credits and increased tax and national insurance contributions.