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About us

We are governed by an Act of Parliament. The property we manage is owned by the Crown, but is not the private property of HM the Queen. We work supportively with government; in Westminster, in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and at a local level.

Our property portfolio covers urban and rural areas, around half of the foreshore and almost all of the seabed around the UK. Our net surplus (profit) goes to the Treasury for the benefit of the nation.

We have a commercial mandate to optimise returns from our assets. Under the Crown Estate Act we cannot borrow, consequently we operate a business model based on the effective recycling of our existing capital and, if appropriate, the formation of strategic partnerships.

Our vision is to be the UK's most respected property business because of the way in which we manage this portfolio of assets on behalf of the nation. We conduct business in line with our core values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship.

Our people

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Our values

Our approach to business rests on our three core values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship.

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Financial information

Since the 1961 Crown Estate Act, we have increased the income surplus, year-on-year.

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Snapshot of Sustainability - Quadrant 3

Our business

We act at all times with integrity and are committed to careful stewardship of the assets we have been trusted to manage.

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