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Making a positive impact

Our commitment is to nurture and grow our business, taking a long-term view of our total contribution and making a positive impact.

We do not have a separate sustainability strategy - we have a ten year vision with sustainability at its heart. Building on our values of commercialism, integrity and stewardship, our approach is to further integrate sustainability into the way we do business, embedding it into decision-making and empowering employees to deliver.

In order to continually improve our sustainability and optimise our contribution to the UK we aim to make decisions based upon full consideration of the triple bottom line of our business (economic, social and environmental).

Key achievements

  • A total contribution report valuing our broader contribution to the UK
  • Achieved Platinum Big Tick in BITC CR Index
  • 19 per cent improvement in carbon emission intensity (directly managed properties)
  • 98 per cent of operational waste diverted from landfill
  • 0.65 per cent of net revenue surplus (profit) invested in stewardship projects
  • 383,670 working hours without a reportable incident
  • 98 per cent of SSSIs in favourable or recovering condition
  • BITC Big Ticks for the Education and Environmental awards
  • Production of our first integrated annual report.

Key challenges

  • Developing the tools to further embed sustainability into our business decisions
  • Inspiring employees to take greater responsibility for sustainability
  • Understanding the impact of the activities of others on our land, where we have limited control, and helping to enable improvement
  • Improving energy efficiency in old or historic buildings where we have an obligation to protect heritage and provide leadership
  • Building upon our innovative total contribution approach to understand the credit we can rightfully claim, the regional impacts of activity and what would have happened anyway
  • Reducing the frequency and severity of accidents whilst continually improving the health & safety culture and providing practical polices and process that reflect our diverse range of business activities.